Dishonest drivers face insurance crackdown


The car insurance industry has a new weapon in the fight against dishonest drivers who provide false details in an attempt to get cheaper cover.A new computer system, dubbed ‘MyLicence’ and created through collaboration between the DVLA  and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, will allow insurance providers to easily check information regarding a driver’s past claims history, licence endorsements and any related criminal activity.

It is estimated that around six million motorists provide some form of false information to insurance companies each year. However, this can often prove a false economy for those who stray from the truth as policies are voided in the event of an accident.

That figure equates to around 16 per cent of Britain’s 35 million motorists. Examples of fraudulent behaviour identified by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) include one driver who failed to disclose four previous car insurance claims and a substantial prison sentence for a motoring offence. Another lied about their name to avoid their low credit rating being detected, while one even tried to physically doctor their driving licence to conceal endorsements for speeding.

It is estimated that such behaviour adds around £50 the policy of each honest driver.

Transport minister Claire Perry said: “MyLicence is good news for motorists and good news for the motor insurance industry.

“This government is investing in the service which will allow insurers to price much more accurately and should reduce premiums for honest motorists.”

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