New drivers are biggest fear for motorists during winter

iceInexperienced drivers are the ‘hazard’ motorists fear the most when it comes to winter driving, according to a new study.New drivers topped the list of worries for 29% of motorists surveyed by Halfords Autocentres. This was followed closely by skidding on ice or surface water at 28% and driving in fog at 27%.

Motorists are so concerned about new drivers’ abilities in dealing with adverse weather conditions that 85% of those surveyed said winter driving techniques should be part of the practical driving test.

Aquaplaning and skidding on ice posed the biggest threat to new drivers according to 67% of motorists.

Halfords Autocentres’ Stefan Warhaftig said: “Winter road conditions can be challenging for motorists but it seems other road users rather than deteriorating weather conditions is what causes drivers the most concern.

“Driving in heavy rain, snow and ice can be daunting, especially for those with no experience of driving in such conditions. And it’s not just new drivers that this affects, last year’s mild winter means that even people who passed their test in the last couple of years may not have experienced driving in severe weather conditions before.

“But even the most experienced drivers fear winter motoring with 48% of people surveyed saying they are anxious or genuinely frightened about driving in the winter and 17% said they reduce the amount of driving they do or even stop completely.”

The behaviour of other drivers plays a big part in how confident motorists feel about driving in poor weather.

Some 64% said people take more risks when driving in wintry conditions and 38% said inconsiderate and aggressive driving seems to increase at this time of year and can be very intimidating for new drivers.

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