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Young Driver

As winter approaches, driving can become much more hazardous. Wet roads, darker nights and colder temperatures all make it harder to stay safe on the road.It’s therefore not surprising that around this time of year we see a number of important road safety campaigns such as TyreSafe’s tyre safety month and Brake’s road safety week. Last week we also the publication of an important manifesto by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, who is calling for support from all political parties in the run up to next year’s general election, to promote a range of driver and rider improvements on the UK’s roads.

One group of drivers being targeted in the IAM’s manifesto is young drivers who are involved in a disproportionate number of road accidents. Much debate has taken place in the media about the reasons for this and what can be done to reduce the needless injury and loss of life. Graduated licences, black box technology, better education and tougher driving tests are all among the ideas to have been discussed.

It’s unlikely that a there’s a single silver bullet solution to this problem and much more likely that a combination of programmes and efforts are needed to educate, train and improve the driving skills of young drivers.

One important element of this mix is to ensure that young driver’s vehicles are safe and in a road worthy state which is why Point S is proud to offer free tyre safety checks at all of its  UK outlets. During these inspections, our qualified tyre fitters will give your tyres a thorough inspection and ensure that they are safe and legal. What’s more, should your tyres need replacing you can log onto our online portal and simply complete our easy to use reserve and fit service.

While initiatives such as these will not solve the young driver conundrum alone, they do make an important contribution to the overall efforts. So, if you’re a young driver and in any doubt about the condition of your tyres, simply visit your nearest Point S dealer for a free safety check.

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