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Buy Car Tyres

You can buy car tyres with the help of online booking system. All you have to do is perform either of following steps:

  • Put your car’s registration number
  • Search by the tyre size you want. Width, rim, speed etc.

Car tyres can be reserved with just few clicks through our carefully designed system. It helps you find the right tyres without disturbing your budget. Once you plug in your information, a huge list of possible options will be shown to you. It will have a mention of tyre prices and all details of the local service centres

Get Tyres fitted near you

Point S gives you the convenience to get tyres fitted near your location. Point S has an extensive network of service centres across UK, there are multiple centres present in one city so that our customers do not have to trouble themselves and travel miles to get their car tyres fitted. While ordering car tyres, all you have to do is type in the post code and select from the list displayed, the service centre that is closest to you, you can then book an appointment for fitting at a time and date that best suit you. Make sure to avail this service and get your tyres fitted near you!

Choosing the right car tyres

At Point-S we believe in making it as easy as possible for customers to choose and select the right tyres for your car.

There are some basics that you need to understand before you start, tyre widths for example are measured in millimetres.

Having understood the tyre size that you need the next decision is to choose the type of tyre you need, this will be dependent upon things like the amount of mileage you do annually, the type of driving you do whether urban, motorway or country.

Simply pick the brand you want and it’s as simple as that, bear in mind that Premium branded tyres do tend to last longer and will probably give a better driving experience.

We have developed an easy to use online car tyre selector simply enter your tyre size or registration number, check it matches your vehicle and current tyre size and leave the rest to us.

When to change tyres

Tyre wear is inevitable and as a rule should be regularly checked and will be influenced by the driving style, the sort of mileage you do and how well the tyres are looked after etc.

If your tyre is underinflated or flat it needs t be inspected, it may be possible to repair but it may need to be replaced, you should seek professional advice as quickly as possible.

It is advisable that you check your tyres regularly, not only to ensure your safety but to keep your vehicle legal.

Most manufacturers will include a tyre wear bar this is a band of rubber that only visible when you are at or below the save tyre tread depth, this is generally 1.6mm.

Visible checks should also be made to spot uneven tyre wear, this can be an indication of the balance being out of alignment.

You should also check to see if there are blisters or bulges on the side wall of the tyre.

Tyre size guide

There are some basics that you need to understand before you start, tyre widths for example are measured in millimetres.

  • An aspect ratio is the tyres width compared to the height expressed as a percentage.
  • The rim diameter is measured in inches.
  • A load rating recommends the maximum recommended load that each tyre can support.
  • The speed rating indicates the maximum recommended speed can carry in relation to it’s load rating.

When it is displayed on the tyre size 205 / 55 R16 91V

  • 205 / 55
  • Section width & aspect ratio.
  • R16
  • Wheel Rim Diameter
  • 91V
  • Load rating & speed rating

Tyre speed ratings are as follows

Code Speed mph Code Speed mph
Q 100 mph V 149 mph
R106 mphZ149 + over
S112 mphW168 mph
T118 mph(W)168 + over
U124 mphY186 mph
H130 mph(Y)186 + over

Why choose Point S

Point- S is established as Europe’s leading group of independent tyre dealers, with over 3000 depots across 28 differing countries. In the United Kingdom we have over 200 separate depots spread from Cornwall to Scotland.

The great advantage of being part of such a group is that we have enormous purchasing power and able to negotiate fantastic deals with the major manufacturers.

Our size also allows us to go directly to manufacturers and have certain tyres exclusively manufactured for our group members.

All our members and their technicians are fully trained and have the latest tyre technology and electric diagnostic equipment to ensure you get the best advice every time.

Tyre Fitting

If you want your tyres fitting by a fully trained professional then you have come to the right place, once you have selected the tyres you want online simply select the date and time you want fifing and leave the rest to us.

We have the latest wheel balancing technology in our branches and fully trained staff who will ensure that your tyres are professionally fitted and balanced.

We use special solutions to make sure that no accidental damage happens during the fitting of the tyre. Sometimes we need to clean the inside edges of tyres to remove any rust, we do this to make sure there is no deflation during the fitting process.

Our Depots Location

Point S tyres are available throughout UK at various parts of the country, whether you are in Central England, South East or South West England, Point S has you covered. Our network is spread all over the country for your convenience. You can order tyres online and go to your nearest tyre fitting centre to get the tyres installed.  Some of our members locations are:
Tyres in Birmingham, Tyres in Surrey, Tyres in Taunton, Tyres in Somerset, Tyres in Bognor Regis, Tyres in Sheldon, Tyres in Tiverton, Tyres in Worthing, Tyres in Southampton


At Point-S we have secured fantastic deals with all the major tyre manufacturers, this means that our

members are always highly competitive.

We have supply agreements with the following manufacturers, please note that this is only an example and your local depot may also stock other brands in addition.

Continental, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear, Hankook, Avon, Michelin, Uniroyal, Vredestein, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Apollo, Point S car tyres, Nankang, Nokian, Kingstar, Kormoran.

We are confident that when you visit the website and search for your tyres then we will be highly competitive on a like for like basis with all the major online players.


Our global scale has allowed us to negotiate some really competitive supply agreements with the major manufacturers across the world.

We often receive exclusive products and promotions from the major manufacturers and these are available on the website and also in the members branches.

Go online and compare the prices for your vehicle, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Budget Tyres

At Point-S our depots will offer a range of Budget as well as Premium tyre brands, we offer budget tyres from reputable brands and only those that are manufactured under the latest guidelines.

Select online, call our local branch or call into a depot for more information from one of our highly trained technicians.

Winter Tyres

In some environments and some countries when temperatures consistently fall below seven degrees it can cause the compound and the rubber to get harder.

Winter tyres are manufactured in a slightly different way where there is more natural rubber and silica, this is to make the tyre specifically stay more flexible even when the temperature.

This gives greater control with better grip and therefore improved performance.

Summer Tyres

In the same way some people prefer to use Winter tyres the same can be said for Summer tyres that are always working at higher temperatures.

The mix of compounds is changed slightly to maximise performance in those warmer climates.

The slightly softer compound improves grip, in particular on twisty corners and hard cornering.

All Season

The major benefit of fitting all season tyres is that it means you don’t have switch between winter and summer tyres as these are designed to be used all year round.

The rubber compound and tread gives better winter performance than a summer tyre would in winter and vice versa where the performance in summer is also better than that you would see from a winter tyre.

This type of tyre is ideally suited to the UK climate where we tend to avoid the extremes of both heat and cold that is experienced in some countries.

Car Makes

We stock tyres for majority of car makes and models. Our trained technicians will be able to guide you in this respect very well, whether you are looking for budget tyres or performance tyres for your specific car make, Point S has it all. Some of the tyres for the car makes that we stock are:

Alfa Romeo tyres, Alpina tyres, Aston Martin tyres, Audi tyres, Bentley tyres, BMW tyres, Chrysler tyres, Fiat tyres, Honda tyres, Kia tyres, Lexus tyres,Mercedes tyres, Nissan tyres, Vauxhall tyres, Peugeot tyres, Renault tyres, Subaru tyres, Volkswagen tyres, and several others

Tyre Damage

To minimise potential damage to tyres drivers should always try and drive as smoothly as possible, fast driving on twisty roads will cause increased wearing on the outside shoulder of the tyre.

If your tyres are not aligned correctly it will mean that one shoulder of a tyre will wear our quickly, this creates dangerous situations as braking and traction can both be impared.

As previously mentioned drivers should also check tyres for other signs of damage such as bulges in the tyre wall and small nails stuck into the tyres.

Regular checking will help keep tyres healthy longer and reduce the potential for accidents.

Important Tips

In getting the best out of your tyres, consider the following

  • Regularly check your tyre pressures.
  • Regularly check tyre tread to ensure your tyres are legal.
  • Ask your professional fitters to rotate tyres, doing this every 6 months is advisable.
  • If you notice your car handles in the same way or you experience excessive vibration then seek professional advice from one of our highly trained technicians.

Winter Tyre Safety

In the winter time it is often apparent when there is frost, ice or snow on the ground that we need to change our driving style to better suit the conditions.

Fitting tyres designed to work better in winter can be a big help, tests carried out by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association proved that on a wet road at 60 mph and a temperature of 5° C a car fitted with winter tyres stopped much quicker, over 16 feet shorter !