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Continental is one of the UK’s Superbrands

Continental is the premium tyre brand you can trust. German engineering that delivers superb braking, handling, performance and safety through technical excellence, innovation and design. Our grip and safety performance is proven all year round. We are the only company to win all three Auto Express awards for best summer, winter and all season tyre, in the same year and have been recognised with a unique Auto Express Product of the Year award to celebrate our success.

Our awards don’t just stop at our tyres, as winner of the inaugural worshipful company of wheelwrights Tyre Sustainability award to recognise our work in reducing our whole business environmental impact. When braking counts, our tyre technologies are the ultimate winners.

  • Compact Mini

  • Mid Sized

  • Executive

  • SUV (Off Road Capability)

  • High Performance



Innovating year-round safety and efficiency.

  • Impressive grip on snowy and wet winter roads
  • Good braking performance on dry and wet summer roads
  • Best-in-class rolling resistance performance


EcoContact 6

The next standard enhanced by German technology.

  • Maximum fuel efficiency thanks to improved component geometry and efficient silica distribution
  • Enhanced mileage due to new Green Chili 2.0 compound
  • Optimised grip and handling experience


PremiumContact 6

The perfect all-round tyre, matching performance with safety for mid-sized and executive class vehicles.

  • Perfect grip and optimal handling in every driving situation
  • Short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces
  • Comfortable driving and improved rolling resistance

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ContiCrossContact LX2

Safety on the road. And beyond.

  • Excellent dry and wet braking performance with very good handling properties
  • High mileage and high level of driving comfort
  • Outstanding traction in light off-road use

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ContiCrossContact AT

Looking for adventure?

  • Especially good at directional stability and smooth running performance
  • Exception braking and traction performance on wet and dry road surfaces


CrossContact RX

Crossover performance enhanced by German technology.

  • Substantial road noise reduction for a smooth and quiet everyday ride
  • Excellent wet braking performance
  • Enhanced snow and wet traction for better driving safety


SportContact 6

Safety on any road. Control at any speed.

  • Black Chili for maximum grip
  • Force vectoring for maximum control
  • Aralon 350 for maximum stability

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Vision Zero

The road to zero accidents starts now...

We have been pioneers in road safety for more than 140 years and driver safety is at the heart of our ethos. With five fatalities a day on UK roads and 3,300 globally we have set ourselves an ambitious goal to reduce road accidents to zero. Through our tyre and automotive technology, we will aim to achieve zero road fatalities, zero injuries and ultimately zero crashes.



Our technology is making the impossible possible.

We have been supplying adidas with a special grip compound for the soles of trainers since 2012. By using the same technology as our high-performance tyres our soles give you the grip you need to combat every season on wet or on dry surfaces.

Our technology delivers world record success. Johannes Rydzek ran the steepest 50-meter-sprint in the world on adidas shoes with Continental rubber soles.


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Experience the thrill of perfect grip at Mercedes-Benz World

Located on the famous Brooklands site, we are a proud Partner in Excellence at Mercedes-Benz World. With almost one in every two Mercedes cars sold coming fitted with our tyres as standard we make a perfect partner. Over 250,000 people will experience our tyres through a range of different activities at one of the world’s finest driving experience centres.

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Confidence that creates champions

Our brand ambassador Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome have won all their major Grand Tour titles riding on Continental rubber. We’ve had Team success too, winning six out of the last 7 editions of the Tour de France and three of the last four of both the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espagne. Our Black Chili compound technology has revolutionised cycling delivering superior handling and grip providing the ultimate confidence that creates champions. This technology has been transferred to cars, delivering outstanding performance on every road. So if you’re riding or driving feel confident on Continental tyres.

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Driving Electric Vehicles to new heights of endurance

As a Founding Partner of Extreme E, we’re placing extreme performance and safety demands on our tyres fitted to electric vehicles. Extreme E, a race series that ventures into the wildest and most inhospitable area of the planet, is the ultimate test for our tyres, pushing the boundaries of tyre technology to the extreme.

It’s motorsport like you’ve never seen before. Take a look here.

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The Story never ends...

Continental are much more than tyres, as the world’s third largest automotive supplier we are developing solutions for automated driving, electric mobility and a myriad of safety technologies so our engineers always have one eye on the future. Discover how Continental are shaping the future of road safety and driver comfort.


Tyre technologies

At Continental, we are constantly developing innovative technologies for all aspects of driving. Your comfort, safety and time are at the heart of what we do. ContiSeal is a technology that is designed to seal a damaged tyre, so if a nail punctures your tyre it will seal the damage immediately there’s no need to even stop. ContiSilent delivers tyre-noise reducing technology making driving on any road surface almost silent without effecting the performance of your tyres and our SSR (self-supporting-runflat) tyres mean that changing a flat tyre at the side of the road is a thing of the past allowing you to drive up to 50 miles at 50mph in the event of a puncture.

Stay mobile, whatever happens.


You can find out the latest news about our tyres, company and our involvement with our partners.